Triple-T is a Funky-Jazzy-Groovy quartet comprised of friends with the same burning passion, MUSIC!
These guys have known each other for over 40 years and, in the 1970’s, have performed together in diverse bands from the Berner music scene. As it sometimes goes in life, everyone winds up traveling down their own path in life. Even though they lost contact with one another, they had never forgotten each other or the music that they had together once created. Their common passion for the music from the 70’s and 80’s Funk-Fusion-Jazz scene was always a reason to get together for some fiery jam sessions. In no time at all they were back in the rehearsal room fine tuning their ‘jams’ and creating new ideas as well. Originally starting off as a trio, soon they decided to add piano/keys into the mix completing the quartet. There is no denying how much these guys enjoy making music together. Whether it’s on the stage or in the Rehearsal room, Triple-T  got the groove!

some Music-Examples are on the mediapage.....