CHRIGU - Drums             

Chris made his debut as percussionist in the early 80`s with the Berner Jazzrock band "Enjoys" (LP-recording " Palm Beach" 1986). One year later releasing the single " Lead me out/Rocking Shoes" following up with a swiss tour. Afterwards he studied for 3years at the percussions-school from Stefan Rigert in Bern. 1992 Christian Müller joined the funky band "Elephant Soup" and with soul, funk and acid jazz they toured throughout the swiss clubscene. In 1995, as a founding member of " Holidays for Pans", a steelpan band from bern with jazzy and funky grooves spiced with salsa tunes, the sextett performed at the Pan Jazz Festival in Trinidad&Tobago. They also shared the stage with Andy Narrell and Joe Levano. Further on, in 1998 with the blues/soul band "Rad Sox" Christian toured together with Lily de Lois from New York through Germany and Switzerland. Percussionist at the Circus MonteCarlo 2006.


Chrigu plays Lauper Custom Drums:

Fusion-Maple-Set: BD 20x16",Toms10x9,12x11,14x14,

Snare 13x5, Zebrawood 14x5,5.

or Hollywood Acril by Meazzi from the 70s:

BD 22x14, Toms 13x12, 16x16. Snare 14x5,5


Cymbals: Sabian AAX Freq Hi-Hat 14", Air Splash 10", El Sabor 16", HHX Studio Crash 14", Studio Crash 16" and OMNI 19" + 22".


                       Unplugged Drum:


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